Tuesday, May 5, 2020

MNEMOSYNE - A toolkit to reveal a memory in any performance situation

Daughter of Heaven and Earth. 
The Greek goddess of Memory.

$40 shipped to U.S
$45 shipped international

MNEMOSYNE is a project that I began two years ago with propless wizard Adrien Lochon.

What is it?

 It's a way to reveal a randomly thought of childhood memory, ending with a guaranteed hit.

- No need to whisper instructions

- No p.a.

- No linking memories to playing card suits

- Multiple variations for nearly any mentalist performance style or environment

- No language barrier

What does it look like to your audience?

You ask your participant to think of several memories. You ask them to focus on the strongest memory they chose. You're then able to reveal details of the memory, name it exactly, and finish with a piece of information connected to the memory that you shouldn't know.

Mnemosyne is what you make of it. Included is a full multiple effect routine, which allows you to learn the needed information, read your participant, and finally reveal their memory. You can also use the methods individually for a beautiful propless reveal of a thought of memory with Adrien Lochon's "Memoria Light" (included in the pdf).

The choice is yours. 

MNEMOSYNE paperback
How can we offer it at this price? Because of your direct support. Websites take upwards of a 60% cut of performers sales. Your direct purchase means we can offer it at the lowest possible price.


Limited to 100 physical booklets. Once they're gone, they're gone. 

Cover Art by NTRSKT

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